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Autumn © Gwendol Art © Gwendol Art

Cover Artwork

Diametral Records

Logism: Allan Blomquist - Schweres Wasser Artwork: © Gwendol Art & Design: © MFS

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Kurzfilm "Piedra Ardiente" | Short film "Piedra Ardiente"

Illustration zum Kurzfilm "Piedra Ardiente" ("Brennender Stein") Somos La Pera Productions München © Gwendol Art

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Bastelprojekte | Craft Projects © Gwendol Art

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Zitate auf Polaroids | Quotes on Polaroids

"Kunst ist der natürliche Feind der Normalität." Zitat von Peter Rudl

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Wie gut kennst DU dich aus? | How well do you know about art?

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Sugar Heroes

Urban Art Projekte

© Sugar Heroes | HPO #legalgraffiti - Dieses Graffito ist in der Tumblingerstraße beim Schlachthofviertel entstanden - einer der letzten legalen Flächen in München. © Sugar Heroes | HPO


Sugar Heroes Crew | Winter | 4 Seasons

Drum and Bass

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  • f33dbacks / Adam Wilson (Montag, 15. Februar 2021 16:13)

    PRISM team reached out to Gwendol Art to help us design something really special for our online music event Love Parade 2021. Not only did Gwendol Art capture the real essence of what we wanted to create she also helped inspire many people to take part in the event. We had over 40 DJ's all playing this weekend and it was a real coming together of love and support during these tough times. PRISM and Gwendol Art made something beautiful this weekend and it will live long in the memory for us all. We thank you for your time and effort in enabling us to have a super duper time !

  • Nina (Mittwoch, 31. Oktober 2012 11:29)

    Tolle Page!

  • De Lusion (Montag, 11. Juni 2012 14:20)

    Mach weiter so... The Sky is the Limit ;-)

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NOV 2021 | Gwendol Art Gallery NOV 2021 | Auf[Lösung] by Céline Fikirli


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"The next Mix for Munich Embassy is from HPO, she delivers a Mix full of DnB Punches and pure Basspressure.
Turn up the Volume and bounce into the Weekend with this Bassmonster.


She is not just an Ambassador for Bassmusic, even more, a Culture Ambassador, check out her Online Gallery


We wish you a bassy Weekend!"

HPO | Drum&Bass Club Set for Munich Embassy HPO | Drum&Bass Club Set for Munich Embassy
HPO | Drum&Bass-Ambassadors Mix for Munich Embassy HPO | Drum&Bass-Ambassadors Mix for Munich Embassy

Toydrum feat. Gavin Clark - I’ve Got a Future | HPO Remix

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