Ausstellung #3 in der GAG im 04/2020 | Exhibition #3 in the GAG in 2020/04

Exposing Exposures von Diyana Georgieva | Exposing Exposures by D.G.

Fotomanipulation in der digitalen Kunst | Photo manipulation in digital art

Photo manipulation in digital art © Diyana Georgieva
Photo manipulation in digital art © Diyana Georgieva

Vernissage: 01.04.2020
Finissage: 30.04.2020

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ABOUT THE ARTIST ►►► Diyana Georgieva is a self-taught artist based in Sofia, Bulgaria. She creates art by using traditional media, digital media and what mix in between. Her artworks are inspired mainly by tattoo culture.



Diyana graduated Child psychology at the University of Sofia in 2008, but her passion is in arts. In 2014 she started doodling on tracing paper, creating some surrealist objects. Diyana's "curly" doodles have been part of few exhibitions in her home country and will be exhibited in Gwendol Art Gallery as well. In 2015 Diyana got fully obsessed with digitally photo manipulating women portraits. 


At the moment she is a co-owner of N.A.S Tattoo & Piercing shop in Sofia, Bulgaria.


If you want to have your own art portrait, Diyana is offering such service, all you need is a high-resolution image and to contact her. 

ABOUT THE METHOD ►►► Thirteen artworks that represent women portraits in a variety of colors, lines and double exposures, created by mixing brushes and textures, passion and emotions.




ABOUT THE PROJECT ►►► "Exposing Exposures" is a photo manipulation exposition by Diyana Georgieva. 

Vernissage: 01.04.2020
Finissage: 30.04.2020
Ort: Gwendol Art Gallery


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Die Struktur ist ein Diener in der Gwendol Art Gallery © Hadil Ornella Khuri SEP 2021 | The Structure is a Servant by Hadil Ornella Khuri


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