Ausstellung #10 in der GAG im 07/2021 | Exhibition #10 in the GAG in 2021/07

Life as Distorted Line von Nina Tokhtaman Valetova | Life as Distorted Line by N.T.V.

Synthesis Art Style

Life as Distorted Line in der Gwendol Art Gallery © Nina T. Valetova © Nina T. Valetova
Life as Distorted Line in der Gwendol Art Gallery © Nina T. Valetova © Nina T. Valetova

Vernissage: 01.07.2021
Finissage: 31.07.2021

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ABOUT THE ARTIST ►►► Originally from Southern Ural in Russia, Nina Tokhtaman Valetova is a New York-based American-Russian artist. Holding a Master's degree in Art from University BGPU in Ufa, she has been working as a painter since 1982.

Nina is the award winner of Premio ALBA 2009, Certificate and Medal, Casa Editrice Alba, Ferrara, Italy. She is also American Art Award winner in the category "Cubism" in 2018.

Many paintings are in public and private collections in Russia, United States, Denmark, and Germany.

ABOUT THE PROJECT ►►► Nina Valetova explores the relationship between ancient cultures, mythologies, fantasy, metaphysics, and philosophy. The theme of science is also presented in her artworks, in form of a homotopy and as Mobius strip.

Nina is an established artist in the current wave of bold, experimental artists. Searching for new ways in creating art, she establishes Synthesis Art Style in contemporary art, that combines suprematism, surrealism, and cubism with abstract and figurative arts.

ABOUT THE METHOD ►►► The Exploration of synthesis in different styles has been a recurring feature in Nina's work. Her paintings and drawings cannot be driven into a certain framework of definitions and stamps.

In general, Nina's art does not fall into one category and style. Often each piece is created in several styles. This may be a combination of surrealism, geometric style, suprematism, cubism, abstract and figurative arts.


Vernissage: 01.07.2021
Finissage: 31.07.2021

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Die Struktur ist ein Diener in der Gwendol Art Gallery © Hadil Ornella Khuri SEP 2021 | The Structure is a Servant by Hadil Ornella Khuri


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