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What's the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of XYZ?


Technology was first in my thoughts.


Could you tell me more about it? Why is technology so important to you?


I am curious about how things work. Every time I have a vision in my head or discover something that I like, my first thoughts are how to make it in Photoshop. I start instantly to visualize the process: What tools should I use to achieve this effect? Can I switch something to make it better or use the idea for a different artwork approach? I am arranging variations in my head like I am already in front of Photoshop. Next, I do it on my computer.


One of the technologies I am so used to is my graphics tablet. It is like an extension of my mind :) The other one is my camera. Often, when I needed an element for a collage, I found it easier to capture it on film instead of searching for something that could fit. Like recently, when I needed a particular hand position for a tattoo design of a client. I couldn't find any images to use, so I took my husband's hands for it. That's how quickly you can become a hand model :D


Thank you for this little insight. Nice to see how art connects everything! :D

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